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Unwrapped FAQs


How do I apply for a stall at an Unwrapped event?

You can apply for a stall by first registering as a designer. When applications for each event open (usually 2 months prior to the event) you will need to sign in to your account and visit the appropriate event page to select 'Apply for a stall at this event'.

If you are registered, the form will be pre-filled with yout contact details. You'll then need to fill in the other details and upload 3 images of your work (total size not exceeding 1MB)

Do not confuse registering for a designer account with applying for a stall - they are two separate things! You can register at any time. You can only apply for a stall when applications open.

When can I apply for a stall at an event?

Applications open up to 2 months prior to the event date. When you visit the event page, you'll see a link on the right that says 'Apply for a stall at this event'

What are the fees?

There are two categories of stall: Students/Graduates (12 months or less since graduation) and Open. Current prices are listed on each event application form.

Where is Unwrapped located?

Unwrapped is staged in conjunction with large, local festivals. Unwrapped has previously been held in Angelo Street, South Perth; Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth; The Urban Orchard, Northbridge; Oxford Street, Leederville; Mends Street, South Perth; Rokeby Road, Subiaco; and PICA, Northbridge.

When is Unwrapped happening next?

View next event to find out

Can I share a stall with a friend?

Yes, you can share with one or more friends, as long as you are all included on your application.

What kind of products can I sell?

Unwrapped promotes Australian design talent, so the first criteria is that your products are designed and made in Australia. We accept applications in many categories, including (but not limited to) illustration, graphic design, photography, original art, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, children’s fashion, accessories, jewellery, furniture, skincare, gourmet (not fresh) food and children’s toys.

What if my products are made overseas?

Because we are trying to grow our local creative industry and feed money back into the Australian economy, as a general rule products must be designed and made in Australia. If you use raw materials (including base elements, such as t-shirts) from overseas that is fine, as long as the finished product is made in Australia. We can sometimes accept a very limited number of products designed in Australia and produced overseas, if the price-point is sufficiently high so as not to undercut local designers, or the product is very unique.

How many stall spots are available?

Each event is slightly different and depends on the space available, but usually stall numbers range from 50 – 75. We also limit the numbers of accepted designers in each category to create an overall balance. For example, we always receive a huge number of jewellery applications, so this category is very competitive.

How big is my stall space and what is provided?

The size of your space is roughly 3 x 3m space for each stall.

Is Unwrapped only for student designers?

Not at all. We are very supportive of student designers, but also understand that sometimes your creative inspiration comes well after your classroom experience. Unwrapped has no age or experience limits – all are welcome!

Do I need my own furniture?

No, your furniture is included in your stall fees. We provide a 1.8m trestle table, 2 chairs and a marquee. You will need to supply your own white table cloth.

What about other display materials?

Anything else you need to bring to display your products is totally up to you – clothing racks, display boards etc are all fine, as long as they fit into your stall space.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. All designers need public liability insurance for the day of the event. If you do not already have a policy, Unwrapped can provide cover for you for $30.

What is the judging process?

As soon as applications are received, the Unwrapped team starts sorting through the images and supporting text. We usually allocate stalls on a first-come basis, if we feel the designer is right for the event. Once we reach the cut off date, we will allocate any remaining places amongst the last applications to be received. Some categories, such as jewellery, are highly competitive and we would therefore encourage you to get your application in as soon as you can to have the best chance of receiving a place.

The criteria we look at includes: quality of the products; professionalism of the images supplied; passion, commitment and intent of the designer; training undertaken or in progress; unique and distinctive design of the products (i.e. it does not look like something we have seen before); and is it commercially appropriate (i.e. we can see who the target market would be and we think the products will sell)

What happens if I don’t get accepted?

Unfortunately we can’t accept everyone and sometimes we have to make some tough decisions! But as long as your products are appropriate for Unwrapped and made in Australia, we will always provide feedback and encourage you to apply again next time.

What if I need to withdraw from the event?

If you need to withdraw, please contact us immediately, as we often have designers on the wait-list. If you have already paid your stall fees and need to withdraw from the event, we are unable to refund your payment.

How much stock will I need?

As standard Unwrapped event attracts crowds of 10 000 or more, so you will need to make sure you have plenty to last you the day. Some designers have sold up to 80 products at one event (usually 5 hours). Make sure you have the facility to take orders if you find demand is there and also that you have enough change in cash for the day. If you have eftpos or credit card facilities even better!

What about the weather?

The weather is always a concern! Too hot, too windy, raining, sun in the wrong spot… we will do our utmost to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, but obviously we can’t control the elements! Keep an eye on the weather forecast leading up to the event and prepare with paper weights for wind, plastic sheeting for rain, water and sun hats for heat or whatever might be needed.

Do I need helpers?

Yes. Depending on your products, you will need helpers to unload and set up your stall, plus at least one other person to share the stall duties for the whole day.

Are there change rooms available?

No. If you feel your customers will need change rooms, you are welcome to bring your own.

What kind of facilities are on site?

We will always make sure there are food vendors nearby and toilets you can use. If the event runs into the evening, we will provide adequate lighting.


What kind of products can I expect to see?

Unwrapped promotes Australian design talent, so you can be sure that all products are designed and made in Australia. Our designers have many talents and their products are varied, including: illustration, graphic design, photograpy, original art, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, children’s fashion, accessories, jewellery, furniture, skincare and children’s toys, among others.

How many designers are involved?

Each event presents a unique mix of 50 – 75 designer stalls.

Do stalls accept cash only?

Mostly, although about 20% do have eftpos/credit card facilities. Bringing lots of cash is always the safest bet though!

What if I would like something custom-made?

Most designers will be happy to tailor-make something just for you. Feel free to chat to them directly at the event.

Do designers take orders or accept layby?

Yes, most of them do,

Is there an entry fee?

No, Unwrapped events are free to the public.

How do I contact designers after the event?

Contact the team at Unwrapped and we can put you in touch. Alternatively, look for them on the Unwrapped Designer Index page!